Sunday, September 29, 2019

Harvest has begun...

Harvest began on Monday, September 16th at Johnson Family Farms. We have focused on corn harvest for the last two weeks, but recently we switched to harvesting soybeans. Yields in both crops have been a pleasant surprise and we feel extremely blessed given the year. We also are blessed to have a wonderful and hard working group helping us this fall on harvest and tillage operations. 

Recently three plus inches of rain have given us some time off, but we are staying busy transferring out dry corn from our grain center and working on various other projects.

The CaseIH combine eats 30' of corn every pass. We grow corn in 20 inch rows so our corn head takes 18 rows at a time. 

The grain cart shuttles corn from the combine to trucks along the road. This keeps the combine at peak efficiency and allows us to cover more acres per day.

The sun sets in the background as a truck waits to be unloaded.

A top down view of our new continuous flow grain dryer.

Trucks in line waiting to be unloaded at our grain center.

Transferring out dry corn to satellite bins.

One of the youngest barns in Morgan County on our Strawns Crossing farm.

Spreading limestone on the corn stalks at the Grand Prairie Farm.

Sunday, September 8, 2019


Harvest is quickly approaching. We are finishing up summer projects and getting equipment and bins ready for harvest. While the recent weeks have been cool and overcast, our April planted corn is beginning to mature. We expect to have some harvest activity on the farm by the first part of next week. 

Trenching in a new and larger gas line from our Lp tank to the new grain dryer

Adding a little more rock around the shop and also to Grandma's driveway

Staging lime to be spread this fall after fields have been harvested

Baling waterways on the Dunlap Young farm