Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father's Day...

The crops are off to fast start and the entire countryside is very green.  Corn is now head high and we anticipate seeing a few tassels this week in our earliest planted fields.  The soybeans are slowly closing the rows and soon we will be spraying fungicide on both crops.  We finally received a decent rain a week ago, but unfortunately the rains arrived with severe winds which flattened several spots within our corn fields as well as one entire field.  Luckily, that storm was 10 days or so ahead of pollination and the corn mostly straightened back up within five days of the winds.  We have all the soybeans sprayed with their last pass of herbicide and are now focusing our efforts on mowing roadsides and finishing up putting the planting equipment away.  Summer youth baseball and other activities are also picking up and the days are flying by.  Harvest will be here before we know it...

Spraying soybeans a couple weeks ago.  Using the drone to take pictures.

Corn leaned over from straight-line winds.

Walking beans with the boys.

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