Sunday, September 24, 2017

Harvest is here...

Harvest began for us on Monday, September 11th. We started with corn testing anywhere from 24-26% moisture. Since that time the weather has become extremely hot and dry and our corn is now 19-20%. The rains have missed us most of the later half of the summer and continue to do so through fall. After two weeks of uninterrupted harvesting, we are now about one-third complete. We have also combined quite a few acres of soybeans and those tested 15% to now a very dry 8% moisture. Yields have been surprisingly good considering how little rainfall we received all summer long. We continue to be thankful for good yields and great employees that help make our harvest season go smooth.

Please be vigilant of farm machinery moving on roads this time of year - we often can't see you behind us; especially when you get really close to us. Be safe!

Harvesting soybeans on the Grand Prairie Farm.

Harvesting corn on the Creed Field just East of our shop.

Owen operating the combine while we harvest soybeans outside Ashland.

Dumping corn through the scale at our grain drying site.