Sunday, July 16, 2017

Mid July...

The summer is flying by. We have been busy hauling off the last of our corn and soybeans from our grain bins as well as spraying our growing corn and soybean crops with the last round of herbicides and fungicides. Our focus is starting to shift towards getting ready for harvest with projects such as another new grain bin and grain dryer modifications happening quickly. Summer baseball season is also behind us, but the sweet corn is just now coming on. While we started the planting season with plenty of moisture, we are now in search of multiple good rains. Our area keeps missing the soaking rains, but despite our dryness our crops look good for the time being.

This year we tried applying some of our corn fungicide with a helicopter versus an airplane. The helicopter allows us to get into tighter spaces and more odd shaped fields.

Mowing roadsides ahead of the 4th of July.

A thin stand of soybeans on our farm in Greenfield. It rained 3" after we planted the field the first time and then another 1.3" after we replanted the spots above. What a year to get a crop established in Greene County.

Our Grower to Grower Agronomy Group discussing crop conditions in June in one of our corn fields.