Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mild winter...

Winter continues to fly by. It seems as though we were just celebrating Christmas and now we find ourselves on the 1st of February. In a mere 60-70 days we may be planting corn. The weather continues to be mild for us with less than three inches of total snow fall all winter. Today we took advantage of the close to 50 degree temperatures and did a little tree trimming on one of our farms outside Pleasant Plains. There is no frost and we are dry enough that the excavator left very little tracks in the ground except where he turned. 

We continue to deliver grain for our bins on farm as well as take delivery of the seed we will be planting this Spring. The occasional meeting as well as kids basketball games occupy the remainder of our time.

Trimming trees along a property line with an excavator. This machine makes quick work of over-hanging limbs and under brush.

Cleaning out a small bin of corn into the semi.

Running the sweep cleaning soybeans out of a small grain bin.

A full barge of soybeans headed to New Orleans is pulled out and an empty barge below is re-positioned under the spout along the Illinois River in Beardstown.