Sunday, July 31, 2016

One month to go...

The summer continues to fly by. One of the driest June's we've ever experienced followed by one of the wettest July's has really transformed our crops. The once pineapple looking corn is now lush and our soybeans are also very tall and bushy. The rains were welcomed despite the fact that we can hardly keep up mowing yards and roadsides. Our first planted corn is starting to dent and according to my calculations it will be black-layered by August 26th. That means we may in fact begin our 2016 harvest before Labor Day this year with a projected start date of August 29th or 30th. That will allow us to harvest and dry a hundred acres or so to ensure everything is ready to go once the majority of our corn reaches 26-28% moisture. It will also give everyone one last weekend to enjoy with friends and family before the two months of harvest really commences. While we have enjoyed recent beneficial rains, the hot weather; specifically the hot evening temperatures where it did not get below 70 degrees has taken a tole on our corn causing it to tip back and give up some yield.

Spraying corn with fungicide and insecticide to protect your yield potential

Spraying soybeans with fungicide, insecticide and micro-fertilizer

Corn tipping back from high nighttime temperatures which don't allow the corn to cool down and respire.

First planted corn is beginning to dent

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