Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Heat....

Hot and dry would be an understatement for our area right now. In fact, the last three weeks have been unusually hot and dry and it's starting to feel like a repeat of the 2012 crop year. We've received rains on a few farms, but not enough to keep up with the 90-100 degree temperatures. Our corn crop looks good and could possibly be a 'bin buster,' but it needs to starting raining soon and I mean an inch a week with these temperatures. We are currently mowing roadsides and finishing up the last of the soybean herbicide applications. We planned to Y-Drop nitrogen on +/-700 corn acres, but it has been so dry there is not enough moisture to move the nitrogen into the soil and down to the roots and thus we've decided wait and see if we can get sustained rains before we either resume this practice or just quit for the year. Otherwise, the kids baseball games have consumed most week night's and weekends.

Send rain. 

Spraying beans on the Daubard Farm.

Some wind damage with a recent storm.
The corn righted itself within a week, but has a slight 'curve' in the stalk.

This bin served us well for 42 years, but it was becoming structurally compromised so we decided to take it down and will be replacing it with a new bin in the exact same location.

The bin folded up like a blanket and on the semi.
Next stop, the junk yard.

One of the nice Northern Pike we caught on an early June fly-out trip to Northwest Ontario.