Saturday, January 9, 2016

A New Year...

The calendar has finally turned over to 2016 and a new production year is ahead of us. This year looks to be challenging with lower commodity prices and input costs that remain stubbornly higher and more suited for a $4.50 to $5 corn market. We are constantly evaluating our production methods and looking for ways to cut costs. This is a challenge because we want to cut costs, but not limit our bushels of production. Every year we test different "Add-on" products to our existing production methods. Now it is time to evaluate those that worked against $3.50 corn and $8.75 soybeans to see if they return 2:1. If they don't they are scratched from our 2016 crop plan. 

Over the holidays we experienced the largest rainfall I can ever remember for the month of December. We received 6" of rain over three days and felt very lucky as areas to our East and South received upwards of 11 to 13" of rain. Ponds in fields were everywhere. However, it was reassuring to see our fields that are pattern-tiled had little to no ponding within three days after the rainfall. We are now at full field moisture capacity as we start the new year and snow and the coldest temperatures of the year are knocking at our door.

We wish everyone a safe, productive, and financially strong 2016!

Hauling more corn from our bins to the rail terminal in Lowder.

Building our new shop - Spring of 1979.
I posted these pictures because by 1979 's standards, this was a very large heated shop and shed being built.  However, now that machinery has grown in size & scope we find ourselves cramped for space in the winter months as temperatures drop as they will this upcoming week.  If only we could build something now in a similar scope for those 1979 dollars...!
Drilling the well for the new shop.