Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday, November 21st...

As I write this post the first snow fall of the year has arrived. The weather has changed as things are quickly turning towards winter. Since my last post we have cleaned up and put away the fall harvest and tillage machinery and applied all the anhydrous ammonia we wanted to get on. We have also worked on trimming a few trees, fixing tile holes, and performing various other odd jobs. Year end book work, 2016 seed selection, and a few meetings will consume a lot of our time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are also catching up on family time and attending the slew of youth basketball games that are scheduled for this winter. The Fighting Illini have made Springfield there new home for basketball while the State Farm Center is being renovated and we try to attend as many of those games as possible with the boys.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are thankful for those that continue to support and promote our business - we couldn't do it without you.

Refueling the 20" strip-till bar

Putting on anhydrous ammonia on the Williamsville farm

Fixing tile holes on the Arnold 30 outside Jacksonville

Sean up in the loader bucket trimming trees in Greenfield

Replacing a corner post on the Mears Land Trust in Greenfield