Saturday, July 11, 2015

July 11th...

Rain, Rain, and more rain has been the story since my last post. We are beyond saturated. Between rain showers we have been mowing roadsides and trying to get the last of the beans sprayed to keep the weeds back. Due to all the wet conditions and occasional humidity, we are noticing grey leaf spot and northern corn leaf blight infecting the corn. Once we see this at a certain threshold, we call in the aerial applicator (spray plane) and have them start applying fungicide. We are towards the end of that process and should have most of the remaining fields sprayed by the middle of the upcoming week; barring rain outs. Next, we will begin checking soybean fields to see if we need to be spraying fungicide on them. Soon we will begin getting the harvest equipment ready. We've also been making a few small updates to our corn drying facility. 

The boys have now had more rain outs in their baseball leagues than games played and the season finale tournament was finally called off because of games not being able to be played and backing up everyone else in the league's schedules. What a mess! We are hoping that Mother Nature decides to dry us out sometime soon because our corn won't be much to brag about if it keeps raining and no one knows yet on the soybean yield potential. Just glad we didn't take the tracks off the combine from last year...

Summer is flying by! Be safe.

Mowing the road banks on the North end of the Williamsville farm

Some road bank mowing had to be done between rains and with standing water in the ditch. Not something we like to do, but sometimes necessary.

Spraying our corn with fungicide using the airplane - Leahy field outside Ashland

Hard to scout corn in the mud...

He's supposed to be cleaning his boots off...

Hauling some of the last corn out of the bins

Boys messing around

Max playing t-ball

Aerial shot of the Mears Land Trust; the yellow spots are short corn where clay was brought up during the tiling.