Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mid February update...

Winter continues to hang around with the tease of warmer weather followed by extreme cold weather. Planting season is two months away, but it's hard to believe given all this cold weather. Most of our time as of late has been consumed by hauling corn out of our grain bins and finalizing our 2015-2018 Farm Program decisions. This has included going to numerous meetings and visiting with landlords regarding their questions and concerns.

Since content is a little low during these winter months, I've included pictures of my Grandfather's (Raymond Mears) planter from the mid 70's. He was an innovator with a homemade rig where he tilled, sprayed and planted all in one pass; quite different than how we operate today. We now drive down to Greenfield and farm the same field you see in the pictures. Grandma used to comment about how what used to take Grandpa weeks to plant now takes us one to two days...

Be well and stay warm!

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