Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 4th...

Harvest continues to roll on. We are down to our last 40 acres of soybeans and a mere 700 acres of corn.  Mother Nature continues to pound us with rains we don't need this time of year. Due to the wet field conditions we have added tracks to the combine and added a tracked grain cart. This allows our machinery to somewhat "float" on top of the mud and not sink in as bad as traditional tires.  

Yields remain good and moisture levels in our corn have dropped to where we no longer need the dryer and can put the grain directly in our bins. Unfortunately, due to the wet field conditions there are a lot of machinery ruts in many, many fields in our geography. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate where farmers can get out and till the ruts so as to level them up for the winter's freeze and thaw.

I'm hopeful my next post will be soon and I can proclaim that we have wrapped up our 2014 harvest...

Trying out the tracks on the combine on our Nortonville farm.

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