Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 13th...

Where did the summer go?  It seemed like just yesterday we were finishing up planting and now we are quickly getting ready for school to start and the State Fair to wrap up. We continue to mow roadsides and work on summer projects. We are quickly turning our focus to getting the harvest and fall tillage equipment ready.  We are also embarking on a scale project at our grain drying facility which has yet to start...  The moderate summer temperatures have pushed back our initial harvest start date from September 2nd to at least the 15th.  Corn is not stressed at all and we are starting to see where we could harvest the single biggest corn crop we have ever experienced.  As far as the soybeans go we don't really have a grasp on how well or poor that crop could be.  Typically, the soybean crop is "made" in August and so far we have experienced cool temperatures with ample moisture.  Only time will tell if the soybeans like this weather.  As you can see from the pictures below I am starting to get the hang of flying our drone.  

Cleaning out the last of the grain bins.  This was the 2nd to last load.  Always fun to clean out bins in August...

Loading up scrap steel and iron to be taken to the salvage yard.  In this picture Bob is loading up an old grain bin fan that no longer works and had to be replaced.

A view of our main farmstead Southwest of Ashland

Aerial view of our 37 entry corn plot.

Looking down on our narrow row corn comparison; 30" rows on the left and 20" rows on the right.  39,000 plants per acre in the 20" rows vs. 36,000 ppa in the 30" rows.
Max & Owen helping pick sweetcorn

Replacing the 35 year old rotten boards on our machine shed.  Ron Brown and Phil Smith did a great job!