Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday, March 1st...

March 1st and still no signs of spring.  Our weather remains cold...unseasonably cold for this time of year.  Unless the weather changes drastically, it will be at least mid April before planters begin to roll in our area.  The forecast even includes a 5-10" snow for us this evening. So in anticipation of spring arriving I thought I would include a picture of spring field work from the early 90's.  

Also posted below is the original invoice for our John Deere 7700 combine from years ago. It's amazing what the price of a "modern day" combine was back then.  Today's cost of our combine is $350-400,000.  However, today's combine will harvest 6 to 10 times more acres per day.  Thank you to my father for finding this old invoice.

Bring on the warmer weather and spring!

Trading in the 1981 Versatile 835 for a 1987 Versatile 856.  These were great and very affordable forms of horsepower.  Our local dealer sold thousands of these 4 wheel drive tractors.

Working ground and incorporating herbicides on the University of Illinois farm - early 90's.

The 7700 traded in for a new 7720
The invoice below is the original for the 7700 - $43,988.05

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