Saturday, November 9, 2013

Friday, November 8th...

Harvest continues at a rapid pace.  Sporadic rains have delayed our progress; both in harvest and tillage activities, but we are making great headway towards the finish line.  We are down to 465 acres of corn and 140 acres of soybeans.  Yields remain excellent both on the corn and the soybeans.  However, next on the schedule is our June planted corn which does not appear that it will be as good as our earlier plantings.

If the weather holds, we should be able to complete our 2013 harvest by next weekend.  A handful of fields in our area still remain unharvested and each time we get a wind or a heavy rain, more corn stalks fall over. It is time to get this crop out of the field.  Our dryer has proved to be a very wise investment for this particular year as we have dried double the bushels we anticipated.  Many thanks to our employees and spouses who have put in long hours to get our harvest where it is today.  

Harvesting on the Grand Prairie farm

The truck never has to leave the dump on this field

Deep in-line ripping soybean stubble on the Stelte field outside Ashland

Sunset on another day of harvest

Late night refueling of the machines

Rain trying to impede our harvest progress

Moving out dry corn to make room for the remaining bushels still in the field

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  1. how many acres do you farm altogether?