Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday, October 20th...

Harvest continues.  We are 60% completed with our 2013 harvest.  We have 235 acres of soybeans remaining to be cut with the balance being corn.  The weather has been excellent with very few days where we could not get in the fields.  Yields continue to be surprisingly good and the moisture's on corn have fallen into the 17-19% range.  Most of our fields near our base of operations have been harvested and now we begin our rounds where we are much further from our headquarters.  Many fields are starting to disappear in our area and tillage operations are starting to become more prominent.

Sunset on another day of soybean harvest.

Harvesting soybeans outside of Ashland.

A screenshot of the monitor in the grain cart tractor.  We have a camera mounted on the side of the combine that feeds video to a monitor in the cab of the grain cart tractor so the operator can see what the combine operator sees.

Unloading corn that was ran through the grain dryer into one of the bins adjacent to our shop.

Owen & his friend, Kaleb, before their ride in the combine.

A good shot of our 20" row corn head.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday, October 6th...

Harvest rolls on.  Yields continue to be higher than anticipated and the corn moisture levels are dropping very slowly. With the good weather forecasted for the coming days, we plan to harvest soybeans all week. Tillage also began last week with a few acres being disked and one field chisel plowed.  

Please be safe this fall!

Harvesting soybeans on our Elkhart farm as the sun sets
An evening panoramic view from the combine cab while dumping on the go
Moving corn we dried to another bin for winter storage
A rainbow over the dryer Thursday evening
Sunset over the corn field after a fierce Thunder & Lightning storm rolled through the area
Max riding in the combine
Owen and I posing for the camera beside the semi as we wait on another load of corn from the combine