Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week Ending July 20th...

We have wrapped up our final herbicide applications on our soybeans and are just now beginning to make fungicide decisions on our corn.  The recent days have been extremely hot with high humidity, but luckily we received rainfall to get us through much of this hot weather with little damage.  Today the temperatures have moderated and we are again hopeful that rainfall will return to give our corn crop the final push it needs to achieve giant yields.  Our beans have finally shaded the rows and we remain vigilant watching for Japanese beetles which continue to chew on the outside rows, but have not moved into the hearts of the fields.  

We have most of the spring equipment put away and have begun hauling the last of the corn in our grain bins.  In between summer jobs we took off to St. Louis for a little vacation.  The boys enjoyed the St. Louis Zoo, The Magic House, and also took in a Cardinals game.  

Tassels reaching to the sky
Corn really silking in this warm weather
The boys and I out scouting corn
Adding tile to wet holes on a few of our Preventative Plant fields
Friends from Ohio who are also farmers stopping in for a summer visit to check our 20" corn
Visiting the Penguins at the St. Louis Zoo
Max's first Cardinals game

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