Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week ending April 20th...

Rainy, wet and cold can easily describe how the last two weeks have been.  There has been zero additional corn planted in our area and 100% of our corn remains in the bag waiting to be planted.  Last week we received 3" of rain, but we feel fortunate as areas to our West and North had upwards of 6-8" of rain.  We even had a light snow shower on Saturday morning just to remind us that Mother Nature isn't yet ready for spring.  The forecast is calling for a 70% chance of another 1-1.5" of rain on Tuesday which should solidify no corn planting at all in the month of April. 

Meanwhile we continue to work on projects like switching out the tires on the planter tractor and retrofitting one of our semis with a wet-kit.  We have also gotten the combine out and are working on taking our add-on equipment off it and getting it ready to head back over to Cross Brothers in Mount Pulaski where they will clean it up and deliver it to the next owner.  Hopefully, this week the weather will be a little warmer and we can start to find morel mushrooms in the woods - those are a spring delicacy...

Adding ultra narrow tires to the planter tractor to ensure they will roll between the 20" rows 

Splitting one of the fuel tanks on the semi so we can add a wet kit 

The boys and I at Memorial Stadium for the Illini Football Team's Open House

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