Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week ending March 23rd...

Spring is here...only according to the calendar.  It may officially be spring, but the weather outside says it's still winter.  As I type, we are experiencing our heaviest snow storm of the winter with 8" already on the ground and more yet to come.  Yesterday it was in the mid 50's and the ground was just getting dry enough to think about working with the field cultivator.  Despite the snow, the promise of spring planting appears to be near as the 10 day forecast finally has a day or two in it with 60 degree temperatures.  Although most in our area believe it will be April 15th or 20th before the ground is warm enough to plant.

This past week we wrapped up work on our new planter and moved it outside.  We calibrated the Force CS system, checked for leaks and got it set up in our JD 2630 display.  We also began work on re-spacing the front duals on the planter tractor, changing the oil and cleaning it up after it was in the mud all winter working with the grain cart.  We also spent a little time burning off road ditches and waterways along with trimming trees along field borders.  It was also a good opportunity to check the usual spots for newly unearthed rocks, bricks, etc. that show themselves after fall tillage and winter weather. 

Calibrating the Force CS system and checking for leaks 

Configuring the front duals on the planter tractor to accommodate 20" rows 

A good time of year to find obstacles Mother Nature has uncovered over the winter 

The new owner of our 1st strip-till bar and dry cart came to pick up his new purchase.  We still have the 10 ton poly dry cart for sale - $47,500.
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