Sunday, March 31, 2013


12-18 inches of snow a week ago and now 60 degrees on Easter.  Isn't the weather in Central Illinois interesting?  Mostly a week of watching the snow melt and working inside on the spring equipment.  A few more trees were cut and burned along with lots of winter fun sledding in the snow.  On Friday the weather was much warmer which allowed us to deliver some seed corn to customers who are thinking planting season may soon be approaching. 

The forecast is calling for high's in the upper 50's and lower 60's towards the weekend which I believe will cause some field cultivators to hit the fields this week.  If the forecasts don't change, I think we will see a few try planting some corn the week of April 8th...

Enjoying the fresh snow sledding 

Snow planter 

Biggest snow we have received in years 

David shining up the planter tractor 

Remember dying Easter eggs....?

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