Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week ending February 2nd...

Last weekend Moon River Designs came out to the shop and applied our business' logo and DOT # on the new truck we recently purchased.  Just a few more finishing touches and it will be ready to haul it's first load of corn to the elevator.  Early in the week we found out we had successfully passed a random IRS audit.  This was the first time we have ever been audited and thankfully, it went well.  Later in the week a cold front smashed into the unseasonably warm weather we had (60-70's) and dumped a much needed 1.75" of rain on our farms.  This rain was enough to get all our tile lines running which is a good sign as we move closer to planting season.  

Later in the week we attended the Top Producer Seminar in Chicago.  This is a great seminar we try to attend annually.  All the market guru's agreed that we will either have high prices or low prices....all depending on if the drought is over and we can raise an average to above average crop.  Jerry Gulke speculated that if we plant 99.3M acres of corn and raise a 160 bpa trend line yield, our farm gate price will be $3.40.  If we have another drought and raise 125 bpa with the same 99.3M planted acres, then he suggests price will be $7.30.  And Allen Motew who is a Meteorologist from QT Weather showed maps shown below that suggest we will have another hot and dry July and August.  However, he believes their is also a good chance for those of us who comprise the Mississippi River basin to have a wetter than average spring.  So the take home message was nobody knows and time will eventually tell.  It was good to catch up with friends and business partners while in Chicago as well as take in some of the Windy City's local food establishments.  

Have a great week!

Kevin & Katrina Periman of Moon River Designs applying our logo and DOT # on the "new to us" semi

The finished product - we replaced a maroon lightning bolt on the hood with some "less bold" pinstripes...

 The tile are finally running!!!

The first time our large tile project from Fall '11 has ever really had any water coming out of it 

Summer weather maps from the Top Producer Seminar - doesn't look good for July and August...

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