Saturday, February 23, 2013

Week ending February 23rd...

Another week closer until planting begins.  However, the biggest snow storm of the year quickly dashed our thoughts of planting corn.  In the pictures below we are installing our starter system.  Once this is completed, we will partner with Jenner Sales and add a liquid Force CS system which we plan to inject in our starter line and put in the furrow along with the starter fertilizer.  This process will take considerable time and is why we've already got the planter out and started working on it.

National Ag Statistics Service released their initial yield estimates by county and for those who took the GRIP/HRO policies there are some significant crop insurance payments.  This will help ease some of the pressure the drought of 2012 created by producing the worst yields since I began farming or since 1988 for my father.  Farmers are an optimist group and we continually believe "next year will be better" - sounds like a Cub fan...

Working on the new planter 

 Owen enjoying our biggest snow of the year

Max helping scoop the driveway 

Our first load of seed corn has arrived

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