Saturday, February 16, 2013

Week ending February 16th...

45 days until planting usually begins in our area...  The winter days and months have gone by quickly.  We continue to haul corn from our bins to end users along the Illinois River.  When the weather doesn't allow us to work outside, we have been indoors getting spring equipment ready.  Next week, we will bring our new planter to the shop and begin installing the liquid starter fertilizer and Force CS system.  We will also be taking our first load of seed corn on Monday. 

Last week we attended our local agronomy group's bi-annual meeting in Jacksonville.  There we discussed past and future agronomic practices to help improve our yields.  Later we spent a long weekend with Wyffels Hybrids in Cancun.  Upon our immediate return from Mexico, we loaded up and drove down to Louisville to take in the National Farm Machinery Show

The time to be ready for spring planting will soon be upon us...  Have a great week!

Another load of corn heading to the IL River
 Loading corn into the trailer from the grain bins

MC Agronomics agronomy meeting in Jacksonville 

Sunrise in Cancun

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