Sunday, December 2, 2012

Week ending December 1st...

This begins the winter blogging where finding pictures of farm equipment and daily activities become a struggle.  However, the work goes on.  This past week we continued to wash and put away the fall tillage equipment.  We also began hauling corn to the Illinois River terminals located 25 miles West of us in Beardstown.  Normally, this winter project does not start until later, but the threat of the river closure due to low water levels has local grain company's scrambling and requesting early shipments.  While we are hauling corn out of the bins, we are trying a new practice that we normally wouldn't to help lower the risk of testing positive for afloxtoxin in our grain samples.  According to neighbors who have already begun hauling their corn out of local grain bins, the center core is the most problematic area.  I will try to get pictures of that process for next weekend's blog update.

Meanwhile, the Christmas Holiday activities are nearing and the boys caught up with Santa on Saturday.  We now have officially communicated their "wish list" to Santa and he has all but guaranteed them delivery of long as they are good little boys...:)  I almost forgot to mention that Owen lost his first tooth this week.  That means we have seen both Santa and the Tooth Fairy all in the same week.  And let me tell you, inflation has treated the Tooth Fairy's payment plan a lot better than the Federal Government's...

Have a great week!

Owen & Max with Santa at Bomke's Patch

Owen was MVP of his basketball game this weekend.  Here he is pictured with his award and his coach, Mario.  Congratulations Owen on your six baskets!

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