Monday, November 5, 2012

Early November update...

Since my last update we have wrapped up our primary tillage operations and begun applying anhydrous ammonia where we plan to grow corn next year.  Clean up of harvest equipment continues and cropping plans for next year along with seed selections are being made.  Recent rain showers have continued to replenish our soils from this summer's past drought.  We are very close to having the field tiles and creeks start to run again.  These frequent rains give us short windows to wrap up field work. 

Tomorrow is Election Day.  Please make sure if you are registered to vote, you exercise that opportunity; regardless of which party or candidate you vote for.  Many of our ancestors have died in order to give us that right of democracy. 

Waiting on the ground to dry 

Fixing cracks on the grain cart frame 

 Adding tile to the Elkhart farm

In-line deep ripping on the Elkhart farm 

Strip-tilling outside Ashland

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