Saturday, September 22, 2012

Week ending September 22nd...

My apologies for not posting since September 8th.  The hard drive on my computer crashed and thus, I wasn't able to update our blog.  Yesterday, we wrapped up our 2012 corn harvest.  Yields were slightly better than we expected (+5-10 bpa), but still very poor for our usual 200 bpa standards.  We have combined 120 acres of beans so far.  The two fields were very green, but surprisingly tested quite dry.  Yields on the beans have ranged from disappointing to pretty common.  Not many farmers in our area are bragging about their yields this year. 

We continue to work on tillage operations, make fertilizer applications and mow roadsides and waterways for the final time this year.  All the while we try not to watch the markets as they have plummeted in recent weeks...

Last pass of corn for the year

Very green beans that were testing 10.5%

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