Saturday, May 19, 2012

Week ending May 19th...

The weather dried the soils enough in Greene County that we were able to head south and wrap up our 2012 soybean planting this week.  Due to all the recent rainfall and warm temperatures the weeds were very thick and good size, but thanks to Brendan and Lincoln Land FS they were dead in 48 hours and ready for our tillage equipment.  The planter soon followed and two days later we were done. 

Our home area of Ashland is getting very dry as corn on the end rows is now starting to roll from heat stress with only 90 degree temperatures in May...  Hopefully, the forecasted 60% chance of rain on Sunday evening will result in a good soaking rainfall across all our farms. 

We have a few more acres of corn remaining to spray, but otherwise we are in good shape.  We have been applying our finishing touches to our four National Corn Growers Yield contest entries with the sprayer and soon will be applying another round of nitrogen to them as well. 

 Planting soybeans in Greenfield

 Sprayed Saturday morning equals dead weeds by Monday morning

Working ground on the Mears Land Trust

 Corn leaves rolling due to heat and lack of sufficient moisture

Spraying our National Corn Growers Yield Contest entry

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