Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day...

A week with no rain and already, some are begging for more.  We have finished planting all the soybeans around the Ashland/New Berlin area and have our farms in Greene County remaining.  It has been very wet down there, but we hope with the abundant sunshine and warmer temps over the weekend we can start planting tomorrow.  When we were not planting beans this week we hauled corn and sprayed weeds in roadsides.  We like to spray our roadsides to keep the weeds out and give the grass a chance to choke out the smaller weeds.  Then we let most road banks go to seed before we mow them down which helps the grass re-establish itself and again, keep the weeds out.  We have a few fields of corn yet to be sprayed with the last pass of herbicides, but for now those fields are clean and can wait another week or two before the last application. 

Happy Mother's Day to all!  The boys and I tried to spoil Elizabeth today as well as take a little time out to remember Grandma Maralee who passed away in late March.  Be thankful for the time you have with all your loved ones.

 Making the turn on the University of Illinois farm

The field cultivator and Quadtrac wait patiently on the next field to dry

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