Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring is here...

Despite the fact that is it only the middle of March, it seems as though spring has arrived. We have begun working some of our continuous corn acres, but have yet to put any seed in the planter and head to the field. The soil temperature is already as warm now as it was last year when we started planting corn on April 6th. We are trying to be patient and wait until early April to begin planting. I have seen a few mobile phone photos of planters running in Christian County to our Southeast and a few in the Pleasant Hill bottoms in Pike County. We are making final adjustments and improvements on the planters and we even are getting the lawn mowers out and serviced. I anticipate a few local planters starting next week and the last week of March should be a busy week if the current weather forecast of warmer than anticipated weather continues. We are still very dry and hoping that this weekend's 60% chance of rain will equate into a good and soaking rain. Seed corn is still being delivered as well as our spring herbicides. The chickweed and henbit already have established themselves quite well in the strip-till fields and few others. Our plan is to spray them with 2,4-D soon while they are growing good and not too big. Spring is here...ready or not!

Owen taking his first tractor ride of the spring.

A view out the back window of the Quadtrac working ground.

Bob running the Turbo Disk over fall chiseled corn stalks.

Owen & Max taking a ride in their John Deere Gator. Spring fever hit them early this year...

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