Monday, September 26, 2011

Week ending September 25th...

Another good week of harvest is in the books. This past week we mainly concentrated on corn harvest, but towards the end of the week we switched over to soybeans. The beans are yielding surprisingly good for as little precipitation we received in August. Moisture's on them have been coming back from the elevator around 12% which is ideal. However, the beans are extremely green-stemmed which is slowing our harvest progress as they take more time to shake the morning dews and process through the combine.

Earlier in the week Lincoln Land FS began piling and spreading lime on a few farms. Soon thereafter our tillage crew went to work incorporating the lime and sizing the corn residue with the Case Turbo disk. Once we had enough acres worked ahead, we resumed chisel plowing.

A lot of the corn in our immediate area has been harvested (~80%). While only ~10% of the soybeans have been harvested. We have few fields of beans that are ready for harvest, so our plan is to switch back to corn. After scouting over the weekend, we are finding a few hybrids that are loosing their stalk integrity and need to be taken out immediately. This may cause us to be inefficient this week, but if we incur any more wind on these hybrids they may be on the ground which would be a worse problem.

Combining soybeans on the Grand Prairie farm

Working in lime with the Turbo Disk on the Gooden/Mae farm

Dumping corn at the bins at the shop

Lincoln Land FS spreading lime

Waiting in line to dump corn from our Chapin farms at Consolidated Grain & Barge in Naples

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