Monday, September 12, 2011

Week ending September 10th...

A good first week of harvest is now behind us. The April planted corn has been running from 16-25% depending on hybrid. Yields have been all over the board from 170 to 220 bushels per acre depending on field and hybrid as well. We even received a little rain that kept us out of the fields on Friday and Saturday. On Thursday, Owen had his first combine ride of the year with his Grandpa. He loves riding around in the combines or the tractors. Then he comes home and sets up his farm toys to mimic what Grandpa is doing in the field. We started tillage, but the ground is hard and dry.

For those of you who read this and don't farm, this is the season where we farmers are on the roads with our big equipment. Please remember to slow down when meeting us and remember we can't always see you behind us. Also, if it looks as though we are not getting off the road enough when we meet you it's because we are trying not to get a flat tire. Those cost almost as much as a new car to replace... Be safe!

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