Monday, September 5, 2011

Harvest begins...

We started harvest today. The moisture is around 18-20% on our corn planted April 6th. Yields have been better than we anticipated so far, but the diplodia damage is stronger than we would like to see. We have only harvested a few truck loads as none of the elevators were open today due the Labor Day holiday. Tomorrow we will "dial in" the yield monitor and have an "on-the-fly" idea of what the corn is making.

Last week we took in the Farm Progress Show in Decatur. The boys climbed over numerous tractors and combines, but their favorite stop was the free snow cones GSI was handing out. The cold treat gave them a little extra "bounce" during the 100 degree temperatures. The show had massive crowds on Tuesday and Wednesday, but Thursday dropped off a little due to the high temperatures.

More updates as harvest progresses. Be safe this fall!

Harvest begins outside of Ashland today

The Johnson Boys test driving a new John Deere tractor at the Farm Progress Show

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