Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week ending July 23rd...

Another hot and humid week. The crops in our immediate area seemed to fair the extreme heat and humidity this past week better than some areas of Illinois we are hearing about. That being said, we are still taking top-end bushels off of our corn crop. And in some areas of Illinois the damage to the corn crop is going to be irreversible even if they receive a rain. We were fortunate to receive a nice rain around the Ashland area today and I believe the northern farms also received a shower. Unfortunately, according to the radar it did not appear the south farms had any rain at all. And with another round of hot and humid weather starting tomorrow, we are growing concerned about our crop prospects around the Greenfield area.

The first picture below is from a friend of our's over in Eastern Illinois. While his entire corn crop does not look this way, this particular hybrid has been the most affected by the weather and will have significant yield loss.

A hybrid that really doesn't like hot and dry weather - Eastern Illinois

A HUGE yield saving rain around Ashland today!

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