Saturday, May 14, 2011

Week ending May 14th...

What a week! We finished corn on Sunday evening and then focused the remainder of the week on spraying corn and planting soybeans. Every direction you looked this week field activity was occurring in our area. Rains rolled in late afternoon yesterday and halted tillage and spraying, but the bean planter continued as the rains missed that field. We are now over 60% completed with our 2011 soybean plantings. The recent warm weather has the crops growing fast and most of our last planted corn has already emerged. This past week we also decided to replant some of our corn over in the Chapin area. As you may recall, this corn had a beating 1.5" rain on it immediately after it was planted on April 18th. The quick rains created ponds and drowned out our corn seedlings. On Wednesday, we headed over to Chapin and ended up replanting 25 acres of ponded out holes or thins stands. We could end up replanting more, but we are waiting to see how many more of the seedlings emerge with today's rains.

Loading the bean planter

Planting some additional corn seeds in thin areas

Thin stands on lighter soils following heavy rains - this was even strip-till...!

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