Monday, May 9, 2011

Corn planting is done...

Planting corn on the Elkhart farm with Elkhart Grain in the distance

A rear-view snapshot at our 45' Krause Landsman

Planting the Alexander @ Lincoln farm

33 days after we began planting corn on April 6th we finally finished yesterday evening. What normally is a marathon of planting and tillage, turned out to be just mere days of opportunity where the pace felt more like a sprint in order to get as much planted before the next rain. Our early planted corn looks good, but our corn planted April 18th near Chapin is by far the poorest stand we have. Lighter clays soils worked ahead of a 1.5" rain turned out to be a way to make "concrete" out of the top inch of the soil making it impossible to get even emergence of our seedlings. We are hoping that this week's forecasted showers and high temperatures will bring the remaining viable seedlings to the surface. In other lower areas where the water stood for extended periods of time we will have to spot in some additional corn due to the water causing the seedlings to rot.

As quickly as one planting season ends, another begins as we started planting soybeans today. More pictures and updates on soybean planting next week - weather permitting...

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