Saturday, February 12, 2011

Week ending February 12th...

Since we launched our website and blog we have had many people contact us about our business. The most recent and interesting was Ant Bowker from South Africa. Ant is a 36 year old, 4th generation, 4,000 acre corn and soybean farmer in Standerton, South Africa. South Africa is Africa's largest corn producing area and has a climate similar to ours, but they have dry winters instead of what we've had the last couple of months. Ant contacted us to see if we could visit from time to time and share ideas on corn production. In a sense, we have become modern-day "pen-pals." He has given me permission to show some of his farm's pictures and I intend to do that from time to time depending on what we have to share. I thought you all might like to see pictures of green crops this time of year since until today we have lived in an over-cast grey skyed world. The growing season in South Africa is exactly opposite as we have - i.e., when we are planting in early April they will be beginning harvest. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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