Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week ending January 22nd...

This past week our friends from Precision Drainage tried to begin our tiling project on the Daubard 80. As the pictures show, the ground has a lot (~12" in the lower areas) of frost in it. Even though the tile plow is equipped with tracks, the frozen ground caused it to slip. They even tried pulling it with the help of the excavator and that did not work either. We will wait until the ground thaws out a bit before we try it again. Also this week Matt Aper from Cross Brothers Implement in Mount Pulaski came over and performed our annual combine inspection on the John Deere combine. Fortunately, he only noticed a couple items and both will be an easy fix. We like having the combine inspected by a certified JD service technican in the winter because it gives us ample time to allow for repairs and thus, the combine is field ready come harvest.

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