Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Precision Drainage arrives at the Daubard 80

Owen "listening" to one of his birthday gifts to see if he can figure out what it is

Not much new to report since my last post. We continue to haul corn from the bins to various destinations and fall machinery clean up is still occurring at the shop. Over the holidays, Precision Drainage arrived to begin one of our tiling projects on the Daubard 80. Although the tile and machinery are here, they are waiting for the ground to thaw before they start. The reason they are waiting is not because the tile plow can not pull through the frozen ground, but rather they are worried about back-filling the newly installed tile with frozen chunks of soil which may puncture a hole in the tile. We also celebrated the Christmas and New Year's holidays with a lot of football and family. Apparently the Johnson boys were good again this year as Santa found our house and dropped off a few presents and drank the milk and ate the cookies Owen and Max left for him. We also celebrated Owen's third birthday which compounded the holiday fun.
Wishing you a safe and profitable 2011 - Johnson Family Farms

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