Thursday, January 13, 2011

New fall video...

I hope you enjoy our recently posted video. The video includes footage of our strip-till bar where we are applying anhydrous ammonia, phosphate and potassium all in one pass and in one compact band. Although this field has already been tilled by the chisel plow; with the RTK guidance system we will plant directly above the band of fertilizer we are creating here even though you can not see it. In our 2011 corn following the 2010 soybeans, we will only "till" an 8" strip with this applicator and then plant directly on top it this spring. I also included a few shots of the John Deere 9630 leveling ground behind the applicator. If the weather and soil conditions allow, we like to level the chiseled ground in the fall. If the winter weather cooperates and "mellows" the soil, we will perform zero spring tillage and plant right into this. We call this a "stale seedbed."

My apologies about the camera work - I'm still perfecting it.

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