Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week ending September 26th...

Harvesting on the Emerald Acres Farm

Another good week of harvest progress. We began the week harvesting soybeans, but another 1.3" rain fell late Tuesday evening. Our Greene County farms missed the rains, so we moved south. In two days we knocked out all our acreage in Greenfield and Friday night were moving back to Ashland. Thank you to everyone who put in some late hours on Thursday evening trying to get as many acres harvested as possible before Friday's forecasted rains. Yields in Greene County were variable to say the least, but moistures were 14.5 to 16.2% which is a pleasant change from last year's harvest. Due to slow drying corn and soaked fields, we were not able to finish these farms last year until November 30th. This much earlier harvest will allow us to get lime applied and the stalks buried under in preparation for next year's crop.

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