Saturday, August 7, 2010

Week ending August 7th...

This ear was discovered by a friend while out scouting fields a couple weeks ago.
I've never seen anything like it - a true double-ear.

This might explain why our tile didn't work.
Turns out the power company sliced right through our old tile line last summer.
A view looking SW of the area the tile did not get drained this spring/summer.

The crops continue to progress along at a rapid pace with the hot & humid weather. We are busily trying to get summer projects wrapped up and get equipment ready for harvest. This past week we continued to mow road banks and work on various projects. Harvest appears to be right around the corner with many area farmers thinking they might try to harvest some corn before Labor Day weekend. The corn yield projections are starting to decline in our immediate area due to lower kernel counts and severe kernel abortion due to the hot weather. Yield estimates are anywhere from 185-210 bpa on the good fields.

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