Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week ending August 14th...

Mowing filter strips down in Greenfield.

Taking 20' at time makes mowing a quick job.

Another good week at the farm. The crops were showing signs of moisture stress and just in time Mother Nature dropped anywhere from seven tenths to three inches of rain on our farms. That is a million dollar rain for the soybean crop in our area as the beans always yield better with an August State Fair rain. This past week we completed another round of mowing on all the farms. We also continue to work on harvest machinery and grain bins. We still would like to start harvest after Labor Day, but with the continued extreme hot and humid days we may have to begin prior to our initial target date due to the corn loosing it's moisture too fast. As of right now, it appears we will harvest a lot of corn before we cut any soybeans. The corn continues to turn from green to it's harvest gold color and most beans are still green. However, we are seeing spots of Sudden Death Syndrome in a few of our bean fields. I have heard that Iowa is seeing lots of SDS in their soybeans. Many of you remember our grain bin fire from last fall. We hope that Range Implement shows up this week and gets the old bin torn down and new bigger bin erected and ready to wire. This will be cutting it close, but Darold assures me that they can get the old one down and new one up in five days - time will tell...

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