Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hot & humid....

Shucking sweet corn.

The next generation at Johnson Family Farms is ready for harvest to begin.

Sweet corn is ready.
Beautiful sunshine during corn pollination.

Not a whole lot to report this week. We continue to clean out our remaining grain bins and haul corn to the elevator. David and Bob also finished cleaning up the spring machinery and put it away in the sheds.
The majority of our corn has already pollinated and is taking advantage of this hot and humid weather. Our beans are getting bigger and most are shading the rows. The beans we planted last week are already up and taking off. Towards the end of this week we scouted every acre of corn looking for leaf diseases. We are seeing significant amounts of rust and a little Grey Leaf Spot. We have decided to spray fungicide on a few acres and continue to monitor the remainder. During our scouting we also discovered that the strong storms a few weeks ago green snapped a few of our hybrids with some having 50-70% damage. Those same hybrids planted just four days later had zero damage.
Just as our crops love this weather, so does our sweet corn. We have been enjoying this summer time treat for the majority of the week. Today we decided to freeze a bunch of this treat and save it for later. It is a lot of work to freeze 300-400 ears of sweet corn, but well worth it down the road.

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