Saturday, June 5, 2010

Corn growing weather...

Dad spotting in with the two-row planter.

Corn following corn at LWJ.

A view of our first planted soybeans in Morgan County.

No soybean planting this week as Mother Nature kept us out of the fields at Williamsville with more rain. Unfortunately, we learned that we will also be replanting a few acres at Williamsville due to hail that accompanied the three inch rain a few weeks ago. Wrapping up the remaining acres and working on the replant acres will be our top priority the next time the soil dries enough up that way. This week we put the finishing touches on our planned side-dress acres. David and Bob also logged a few hours on the two-row planter touching up wet-holes that drowned out in the corn fields around Ashland. This replant corn may not yield much, but we hope it keeps the weeds shaded out and puts a little "green" in those bare spots. Dad also got caught up on spraying corn and is now waiting to finish up the last few acres. We will start spraying soybeans soon as well. The past few weeks' hot and humid weather are bringing the crops along fast. We are receiving weekly rains which are helping the corn root down through any possible compaction. Most of our corn is on-track to tassel by the 4th of July. Some of the tallest corn in our area planted the last day of March is over chest high...

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