Sunday, May 16, 2010

More rain....

David working ground at the U of I farm.

Bob running the Reel-till chopping up corn stalks left from last summer's tornado.

Since Monday's rains, we have not been able to get back into the fields except for a brief window on Saturday. We tried to plant, but the reside from the tornado corn combined with the damp ground made for poor planting conditions. We decided to work the ground with the Krause Landsman tillage tool and bury more of the remaining residue. The McFarlane Reel-till we are using in the second picture is good for sizing and cutting residue, but if we want to actually level the soil and bury more of the corn stalks we have to use the Landsman. It has rained here most of the day off and on, but the forecast for later this week looks very good with high's in the 80's, breezy, and abundant sunshine - we'll see if we get an opportunity to put the wraps on our 2010 soybean planting.

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