Saturday, May 1, 2010


Yesterday afternoon we wrapped up our 2010 corn planting. Last year we completed our corn planting on June 1st - that's an entire month earlier this year... What a change from 2009. Last year we struggled to get the soils to dry enough for us to complete spring tillage and this year the majority of the time we spent trying to conserve moisture during our planting operations. We are happy to have our corn in the ground all in the month of April and hope that this end of April planted corn will pollinate ahead of any hot and dry weather that might occur in July & August. This earlier planting should also help our corn dry down, which allows for a more timely harvest and all other operations that follow.

The majority of our corn is up and looking good. We completed a minor amount of corn spraying this week, but the 30-40 mph winds late in the week put an immediate stop to our spraying. Next, we will begin planting soybeans and continue to work on spraying our corn acres with the first intended pass of herbicide.

Have a great weekend!

The planter rolling across the Doolin field as the sun sets on the town of Ashland.

Filling the planter on the last day with the bulk-seed delivery system.

Sunrise FS applying 20 gallons of 28% ahead of the tillage crew.

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