Saturday, April 3, 2010

Back in the fields...

What great progress we made this week! On Wednesday afternoon we were able to get back in the fields. Two toolbars allowed us to cover many, many acres in this 2.25 day weather window before the rains came again last night. Many long and late hours were spent pulling tanks and operating tractors. We thank all those who kept us running; both with product as well as food. A few corn planters were running in our area, but mostly everyone was out working ground and putting on Nh3.

Typically, we try to apply as much Nh3 as the weather will allow in the fall. Due to the late and wet harvest, almost zero anhydrous ammonia was applied in our area. Once the soils dried enough, everyone was trying to get caught up which caused a strain or bottleneck in the supply system. We pulled tanks from both Sunrise FS in Virginia as well as Lincoln Land FS in both Prentice and New Berlin. Many times there was a waiting line to get your tanks refilled. All things considered, all of our suppliers did a good job of staying ahead of the demand. Only once did we have to stop because we were out of product.

Happy Easter everyone from Johnson Family Farms!

Tom running the CAT beside the shop.

Bob applying Nh3 on the Clearview farm.

The 3 hr. wait at Sunrise FS in Virginia to get anhydrous tanks refilled. The line wrapped around the bins for quite a ways.

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