Saturday, March 6, 2010

Soaking up the sun...

What a busy week - with the sun finally showing itself the spring projects began. The week's projects began in the shop with installing the new starter fertilizer tank on the planter. Later in the week the projects moved outdoors. Our friends from Precision Drainage were able to work on a tile project on the PMM Johnson farm south of Prentice. They installed two lines, each 1,225' long. They had to pull the tiling machine through two spots due to the hard ground and abundance of water. There was still 3-6" of frost in most places. Today we transported two pieces of machinery from McLean, IL down to our shop. We plan to use these this spring and thought today's weather was a good opportunity to get them moved down and ready to go.

Installing the cradle for the new 600 gal. starter fertilizer tank on the planter.

The 30' MacFarlane "Reel-till" we plan to use on standing corn stalks going back to corn.

A 15-row DMI 28% side-dress toolbar. This will allow us to quickly apply 30-60 additional pounds of nitrogen once the corn has emerged.

Pulling the tiling machine through a tough spot at the PMM Johnson Farm.

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