Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Harvest progress...

Harvest sunset in Greene County

Dumping corn at HOG, Inc.

Carl chiseling on the Mears Land Trust

Harvesting on the 20a. field

Line of over 60 trucks waiting to dump Monday evening at Johnson Grain in Waverly

After celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with family we were able to get back in the fields and resume harvesting. We completed half of the Martin Farm and then moved down to our farms in Greene County. With light weekend traffic at HOG, Inc. we were able to get in and out of the elevator in good time and keep the combine moving. The tile we installed earlier this spring proved to pay great dividends. The yields were good considering it was planted on June 1st with the tile installed a mere four weeks earlier. Overall, we were pleasantly surprised with yields on our Greene county farms. We finished down south Monday afternoon and moved back to the Martin farm. This afternoon we completed that acreage and made another move to our remaining corn around Ashland. At this point we have ~70 acres of standing corn left to harvest. Unfortunately, it is all in the wettest parts of fields and we will most likely have to wait for this week's cold weather to freeze the ground before we can harvest it. Outside of the corn around Ashland, we have a few acres of tornado corn we would like to harvest before calling it a year.
Tomorrow we will harvest what corn we can around the wet holes and bring the chisel plow home from Greenfield to begin work on the U of I farm.
Hope we miss the rains and snow tomorrow...

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