Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving is here...

Moving from the Williamsville farm

Harvesting at the U of I farm in the bottoms

Dumping corn at the bin

I can never remember a year when we we've had corn standing in the fields during Thanksgiving. But this year we still have 22% of our corn out in the field as we celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday.

This week we snuck in one good day of harvesting and finished up the U of I farm at New Berlin. We moved West after finishing at New Berlin and just as we were arriving at the Martin Farm in nearby Strawns Crossing it started to rain again. We ended up with 0.5", which after last week's 4.0" looks like a flood. Our hope is to finish the Martin Farm and head south to begin harvesting in Greenfield.

One of the many thanks I would like to extend this Thanksgiving is to Josh Schlicht & Chris Dowson as they each gave up one of their combines when they heard one of our's went down with a blown engine. It is always nice to have neighbors and friends you can depend on; especially during a fall like this.

Happy Thanksgiving from Johnson Family Farms!

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